"The greatest personal limitation is to be found not

in the things you want to do and can't,

but in the things you've never considered doing."

- Richard Bandler Co-Creator of 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)




  12% of your life is consciously 

   controlled by you...


   The other 88% of your life is

   controlled by your 

   automatic behaviors. 

In order to change an automatic behavior like smoking or an emotional response like anxiety when faced with certain situations, It helps to understand 2 key concepts and why hypnosis is such an important and powerful tool for creating changes in your life:

1. Homeostasis 


Is our innate unconscious drive to "stay the same," resisting all changes at a unconscious level. As a survival mechanism, our brains are resistant to 

change. Historically, this formed so we could know one another by our identities. If people were changing all the time we wouldn't be able to know anyone. This explains why we have a hard time forming new habits or letting go of anxious thought patterns even though we know it would benefit us.

2. Neuroplasticity 


Is the ability of the brain to change throughout life. What this means for you is that no matter how old you are, your brain can learn new things, and your deeply embedded beliefs, emotional responses, and behavioral patterns shaped by childhood events, life circumstances and trauma can be completely re-programmed, which then can lead to new beliefs, new emotional responses, and new behavioral patterns that can lead to a more empowered life. 


Hypnosis facilitates the flexibility needed to overcome your personal homeostasis and release your subconscious and human impulses to resist and self-sabotage your conscious desire to change. 

Knowing the cause of a behavior doesn't change it.

Hypnosis is the modality

that can change it. 



Our sessions together are designed to make you feel as safe and comfortable

as possible in every step of the process while tailoring to your specific needs and desires. In our initial meeting, we will discuss your personal goals and strategize a holistic treatment plan that will empower you to overcome your challenges and achieve your

goals as efficiently as possible.  

We will be tapping into the untapped

potential of your subconscious mind. 

All private sessions are one-on-one, range from 50 to 90 minutes in length, and can happen in-person, virtual or phone. Virtual and phone sessions have the convenient benefit of no commute and allows you to be in the comfort of wherever you're comfortable post session. All sessions include an audio recording of the hypnosis/suggestions which are layered with white noise and binaural sound effects which helps deepen the listener.

If you are interested in learning more, I offer a free phone consultation to all potential new clients to personally address how my services can help serve your goals and answer any additional questions and concerns you may have about my hypnotherapy services.


Dreaming asleep & awakened awareness can be sewn along a seam & ripped open to an ocean where humans can breathe oxygen. 

- Jamie Goh C.Ht.

on the doorway to hypnosis. 





    Jamie Goh specializes in tapping the power of the subconscious mind to help and inspire others discover the kingdom within themselves. His mission is to help raise the collective consciousness of planet Earth by assisting as many people as possible reach the peak of their potential.

    We live in a world racing towards a future where now, more than ever in human history, the power of the mind and the human spirit are becoming unshackled like never before. Through the understanding of how the mind works and it's connection to the body, every being is capable of overcoming fear, pain, trauma, undeniable odds, negative thoughts, bad habits, and self-sabotage. But, life doesn’t stop after getting over personal struggles – it BEGINS there.

    Born in Seattle, Washington his parents moved to the United States hailing out of the United Kingdom by way of Singapore. His father Eric Goh worked in the Aerospace Industry and moved the family from Washington to San Diego, California when Jamie was age six. At this point, the family split and Jamie went to live with his father. At age 15, his father moved him north from San Diego to the Mojave Desert town of Lancaster. But, as soon as they arrived, his father had to move again. This time to Oregon. Jamie would stay in Lancaster to finish High School alone. Having two years of autonomy with no parental supervision would prove to be the perfect incubator for both trouble and one of life’s greatest gifts – self reliance through self knowledge.

    However, there were many obstacles to overcome including severe depression, anxiety, terrible acne, feeling lost, feeling powerless, and self limiting beliefs. But, one evening in a flash of insight, everything negative in his life was transcended by the realization that your thoughts create your reality. From then on, Jamie began reading everything he could about the story of humankind, who we really are, and how we arrived at the present day. The study of all the major religions and especially Psychology became an obsession.

    At age 19 he moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University for Psychology and he also began training in what would later become known as Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. Training in (at the time) an unregulated full contact sport was the perfect barometer for which to test everything he’d learned from his studies because fighting is mostly a mental game and anyone really can become a good fighter if they have discipline, perception, and a mentality that can focus on the right things. The more he learned, the more fear, doubt, and negativity began melting away and his spirit lifted. He felt limitless and knew that if he could do it, anyone could.

One of his discoveries during this period of personal growth was the phenomenon of hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind. By tapping into this mysterious reservoir that contains all of our automatic habits and behaviors, you not only can change your life for the better, but this is also where the "Genius" in us all resides. Everyone has a “gift.” Some people know it the day they are born whilst others discover it later, but it’s there. The path to this discovery can be a labyrinth. It may require certain catalysts like personal struggles or trauma to move one’s awareness in the right direction to this destination, but it is there for anyone to find… if, in fact, they can.

    In 2014 Jamie’s father was living back in Southern California and had become ill. Doctors never really figured out what it was, but his organs were failing and Jamie moved down from San Francisco to take care of him in his final days. On the evening of December 13, 2014 at 3:33 AM he passed away in Jamie’s arms. It was a traumatic experience to see his father breathe his last breath so up close and personal, but he was grateful to be with him.

It also brought Jamie to Los Angeles where the culmination of all his life’s work and experiences would come to a crescendo. He always wanted to become something that didn’t exist (or at least so far as he knew). He was always a student of the mind and an admirer of great orators and those who use words to move people through emotions and thoughts. There was also a belief that if more people simply knew how special they were, there would be less hatred, less violence, and less suffering in the world.

    In November of 2019, Jamie began his training to become a Professional Hypnosis Practitioner at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute College of Hypnotherapy. He graduated in January 2020 and now runs a private practice called Beyond Levels Hypnosis where he helps people become FREE… because once you are truly free… who knows what you can do?